The Mansfield Minx is getting married!

From the ‘Least Surprising News in Football & the World’ Dep’t, we bring you this joyous gem, an update to our earlier post about Mansfield Town’s shagtastic CEO/former call girl Carolyn Still, as delivered by The Daily Mail:

“The youngest woman to become the top boss of an English football club has got engaged – to the man who gave her the job just two weeks ago.

Glamorous Mansfield Town chief executive Carolyn Still, 29, is reportedly set to marry the chairman of the club, John Radford, 45, next year. 

When he made the hire, Radford would not confirm he and Still were a couple and said her appointment had nothing to do with their friendship.

However, a spokesperson for the club has now confirmed they were an item before Radford made her boss of the Nottinghamshire club.

The happy couple announced their engagement to friends and family at the weekend, after Radford proposed last week.”

So, how will the couple’s nuptials come out? We’re guessing she wants it to be like this, and he just wants it like this.

Ian Harrison

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