Mansfield Minx is shaggadelic, baby!

Like most red-blooded males, we sat up and took notice last week when Mansfield Town made 29-year-old  Carolyn Still the youngest chief executive in English football. We’re bound to be a bit interested when the new bum in the director’s seat comes with these kinds of curves. In the lightly contested field of sexy female sports executives, Still crushes the Wicked Witch of West Ham into a putrid pulp and beats the balls off Jeannie Buss.

With this blonde beauty in charge, the Stags will surely have no trouble waking up their sleeping fan base, as the sultry Still has promised to do. Most supporters, I’m sure, will delightedly dream about waking up next to this lovely lass…gently rubbing her lovely (Ed.  Stop it, stop it! This rhyme is despicable!! This is a family-oriented blog with value… oh, ‘allo love, what’ s your name?) …  but I digress.

Still joined the Stags after working in the fashion industry for Bulgari and Gucci. And despite rumours of a romantic relationship with team owner John Radford, she insists her appointment was genuine.

That’s all well and good. The question is, before the 45-year-old Radford started ravaging her, how many other men were having a cuddle with Still’s buxom bum? Seems she was an employee of two escort agencies, (including the one patronized by Messers. Five-at-a-time Cristiano Ronaldo & Anderson) entertaining clients day and night.

My, oh my! Phwoar! That adds some extra spice to this steamy appointment. Wake up, sleepy Mansfield. There’s a Minx in your midst.

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