Lost in translation

The pride of Essex took a pounding this week, not just when a bunch of visiting Yanks better known as the San Jose Earthquakes (which is a bloody stupid name, if you ask me) put a 3-0 whupping on my hometown XI, Colchester United. No, the worst of it was that the press release sent out by the visiting MLS team got the name of their English opponent wrong, alleging that the California tourists had posted a triumph over Colchesterville United. Whoops. That wouldn’t have gone down well with the Barside lads at Layer Road.

At The Rails feels it has to stand up for the little clubs like Col. U. After all, we’ve got a bunch of U’s fans whooping up a promotion-clinching victory up there on our banner at the top of the page. And among that Where’s Waldo of Escort-driving Essex lads and lasses are two of my cousins, including one who’s contributed to this site. So, stuff your corrected press-release, San Jose. I don’t even care that you’ve got a partnership with Tottenham and played this warm-up match at the Spurs Lodge in my home county. We of Colchester (and Colchesterville) all say sod off to Leicesterland, or wherever your next match is, and don’t come back.

Ian Harrison

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One response to “Lost in translation

  1. Colin Wood

    Who are those San Josephine Tremors trying to fool?

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