Redknapp: England Outgunned

Rule Titannia, er, Britannia... or not...

God Bless ‘Arry Redknapp and his unbridled patriotism.  He believes that only an Englishman should lead England’s national squad — preferably him.  He thinks that foreign players shouldn’t come over to the Premier if they don’t speak the English too good.

And now At The Rails’ favourite quote machine says the England’s World Cup Bid committee might as well sent famous, um, model (?) Jordan to Switzerland, for all the good it would have done Albion’s bid.

Jordan?!? Really, ‘Arry? There’s a word to describe her in the UK that rhymes with the Clapper.  Perhaps you should look closer to home… i.e. your daughter-in-law.  Better yet, you could have asked your two strikers to talk to their WAGs… I’m looking at you Crouch and Van Der Vaart.  Well, actually I’m looking at your misses!!! Here and here….

It’s funny because they’re goooooood lookin’!

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