Klinsmann to solve TFC identity crisis

Unfortunately I was working for the man (aka CTV News) yesterday, which prevented me from going down to BMO Field and listening to Juergen Klinsmann talk in vague, broad terms about coming up with an identity for footy in Toronto (here’s a suggestion: a winning, playoff-calibre team). The German God of Goals, who showed no problems dropping several answers in Italian to his ethnically diverse audience, insisted he won’t become a full-time fixture in our fair city, shooting down talk that he’ll take on a coaching or management role. Some local soccer writers were more impressed with Klinsmann’s straight talk and realistic goals than others, who wondered (quite rightly) where the accountability will rest. For better or for worse, Juergen is just the ideas man, and MLSE’s Tom Anselmi will get the final say on new hires.

One other nugget of news that came down last night as I was sucking back a tasty Pompous Ass Cask Ale at the delightful Bar Volo on Yonge Street: Hamilton native and promising MLS striker Teal Bunbury has been called up for the US team’s friendly against South Africa in Cape Town. Bunbury won’t rule himself out of a lifetime of Maple Leaf misery if he suits up for the Yanks…it’s just an exhibition match…but the chances of him following his dad’s footsteps as a Canadian soccer stalwart seem to be slipping away.

Ian Harrison

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