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Football Armageddon

'Arry tires of us... off with our heads...

Say it ain’t so.

The perpetually quotable and delectably reprintable ‘Arry Rednapp has threatened to stop doing post-game press conferences.  He’s upset that he may be punished for criticizing Mark Clattenburg’s decision to allow Nani’s goal on the weekend.

Here’s a sample of what we may be missing out on:

I never walk in after games and complain about a referee but this guy is scary.” 
– ‘Arry slags off referee Steve Tanner in 2008.  Uhhhh….

“ It’s scary that they cannot find someone who cares and has the money to back the club up.”
– Arry on Portsmouth’s woes in 2009.  This is Caring ‘Arry who managed Pompey for two seasons, joined arch-rivals Southampton for another, and then jumped shipped back to Portsmouth, before bailing out for Spurs. 

“He don’t speak the English too good.”
– Talking about Cote D’Ivoire player Samassi Abou.

Joe Cole missed an open goal that my f*cking missus could have scored.”
– Classy.

“My missus fancies him. Even I don’t know whether to play him or f*ck him.”
– ‘Arry opens up about his homoerotic fixation on Portuguese winger Dani.

And of course – “I’m not a wheeler-dealer. I’m a f*cking football manager.”

‘Arry, you are football blogging gold.  Please don’t stay in the bootroom for too long.  We need you… and we miss you already. Sniff…

Brent Lanthier

UPDATE: If Redknapp retires from pressers, we’ll still have Rafa “The Mad Waiter” Benitez. Here he is having a go at Roy Hodgson.  WTF is a “priest on a mountain of sugar”?  Is that a paedophile’s ultimate luring tool?!?

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