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LFC doesn’t get its day in court…


Liverpool FC expands its fan base...


ESPN Soccernet says the British High Court will not hear Liverpool’s blockage of Hicks & Gillett’s blockage of the sale of the club.  It sounds like the court’s a bit backed up… perhaps reading ‘Arry’s comment about the case will make the court throw up… which will likely make it feel better in the end.

And what is Woy Hodgson’s position in all this? The Guardian reports that the gaffer has been reassured by new (potential) owners NESV that his job is secure.  But our friends at ESPN say the new guys could kick him out

Of course, the Liverpool sale has reached the fifth estate in Beantown… since the owners of their beloved Red Sox will now own the Reds as well.  I can already hear the Boston fans singing:

“When yoo waak… tru dah staam… hold ya head ap hyyyyy…. and dohnt be afraid of da daak….”

More to come… BPL

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