Who’ll be there in Brazil?

Got World Cup hangover? There’s no better way to deal with it than to discuss the next World Cup. One major talking point sure to arise for Brazil 2014 is which confederation will receive the extra place. As host nation, Brazil receives an automatic place in four years time. So let the debate begin, should South America be allowed an extra place for the next World Cup?  By giving CONMEBOL an extra spot, you obviously have to take a place away from another confederation.

The argument is that five of the top ten teams in South Africa were from South America and, with the World Cup in their backyard next time, they should be allowed an extra place, like Africa just had this time. However, that would mean 60% of the CONMEBOL’s member nations qualifying.  UEFA may argue it deserves an extra place, since seven of the last eight semi-finalists have been European.  Asia will also campaign for the spot, hoping Japan and South Korea’s fine tournaments, coupled with Asia’s enormous population, warrants another spot in Brazil. Whatever the decision, FIFA will have to make it quickly… CONMEBOL qualifiers begin next year.

Hadi Zogheib


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