Italy uncomfortable in Group F

Cameroon is the only team eliminated in Group E, with the Netherlands favoured to finish on top, while the defending champions have yet to punch their ticket out of Group F…

Group E:

Netherlands: 6 pts, +3GD, 3GS
Japan 3 pts, 0 GD, 1GS
Denmark 3 pts, -1 GD, 2 GS
Cameroon 0 pts, -2 GD, 1 GS

Cameroon is cooked, and the Netherlands will wrap up first place as long as they don’t lose to the Indomitable Lions. Japan need a win or a tie against the Danes to go through, but a Danish win would send them back to the land of the Rising Sun.


The Dutch get the result they need while getting some big names some rest, while the Danes get their Viking on and storm into the second round.

Group F:

Paraguay: 4 pts, +2 GD, 3 GS
Italy: 2 pts, 0 GD, 2 GS
New Zealand: 2 pts, 0 GD, 2 GS
Slovakia: 1 pt, -2 GD, 1 GS

Paraguay only need a draw against upstart New Zealand to ensure they advance, while the Kiwis must win to move on.

Italy need to win to guarantee a knockout berth, but a draw would see them through if New Zealand lose.

Slovakia need a win to have any hope, as well as a New Zealand win where the goals work out just right (Thanks for nothing, BBC). If both games finish as identical draws, Italy and New Zealand will be drawing lots. Who would have expected that?


Paraguay look strong enough to get the win over New Zealand, with Italy finding one goal is all it needs to send the Slovakians packing.

Ian Harrison

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  1. Kev

    Any more betting tips Ian?

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