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Of WAGs and what not to wear

Elizabeth Minett Don Fabio didn’t want them around his England team at this World Cup after the distractions of 2006, but it seems the infamous WAGs have reared their glamorous, carefully-coiffed heads, and there’s even a Canadian connection to the latest calamitous occurence. Seems goalkeeper Robert Green, he of the ‘Hand of Clod,’ may have been distraught about his recent split with Ontario model Elizabeth Minnett, who he met when the Hammers were in Toronto to play the MLS All-Stars in 2008. She sure is a fine specimen, and you can see why Green might be a bit heartbroken, although she’s not his first vivacious lady friend, just the next one after Emma Sayle.

Landon Donovan

Fortunately for Capello, most WAGs are staying home from South Africa, at least for now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with fashion. After explaining how the TV announcers pulled no punches with Green’s costly miscue, Globe & Mail columnist Bruce Dowbiggin takes a shot at the US team for the “sash-and burn” strip it showed off in Saturday’s draw. Guess we can’t all dress in rubber like Katy Perry. But yeah, they all look like the Mayor of Nike Town. And back home, the newspapers don’t understand what a draw means.

No WAG’s involved, and no big surprise, just a shame, that Ledley King’s World Cup seems to have lasted all of 45 minutes, the latest blow to England’s increasingly shaky defence. At least Gareth Barry says he’s fit. The much-maligned vuvuzelas look as though they’ll last substantially longer, which is probably the right call, although ask me again in three weeks time and I may not be so charitable.

On the pitch, Italy’s 1-1 draw with Paraguay and the injury to Gianluigi Buffon were the big stories on Day 4, with Japan’s 1-0 victory over Cameroon a significant setback for the Africans. The Dutch weren’t troubled much in an early 2-0 victory over Denmark, getting some help along the way, and have been warned by their coach not to be too complacent.

Ian Harrison


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