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If you all hate vuvuzelas, clap your hands…

Enough already…

The South Africans are ruining the World Cup for me.  The constant drone of the vuvuzelas is beginning to give me a migraine; and I don’t get migraines.

If I wanted that constant annoying drone, I would hang fly paper from my ears and enjoy their frustration in full Dolby surround sound.

I’m missing the chants, the music, the “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd as chances go begging.  Where is the samba beat or the English trumpets playing The Great Escape theme tune?  Where is the rabid Eastern European support or the Japanese fans going crazy over every little incident?  I miss it.  It’s got so bad I almost miss hearing “Let’s go USA let’s go.”  At least then I could chant back “You’ve only got one song, you’ve only got one song.  ONE SONG…”

What is even more disappointing is when your team is down and you’re urging them on with vociferous support, you can’t be heard.  Normally this would spur your team on, giving them extra impetus, which hopefully leads to more chances and maybe that vital goal you need.  All of this is lost.

There is hope.  Danny Jordaan has questioned their use and has given us an out: “If one lands on the pitch in anger then we will not think twice and take action”.  There you go England fans.  Give the African guy next to you $5 for his vuvuzela and then launch that thing in the direction of the pitch.  If you’re lucky you’ll hit Robert Green.  If you don’t at least we can watch the rest of the World Cup in peace.

Kevin Hoggard

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