Finally, something to showcase

With its billion dollar security tab, widespread road closures, potentially violent protests and forced removal of Blue Jays games, there’s not much to like about the G20 summit in Toronto this month. Plenty of places are just shutting down when the leaders, followers and crazies show up, leaving little for the city to show off. At least, with news that the visiting dignitaries are seeking out places to keep up to date with the goings on from South Africa, the city finally has something to show off; a pub for every leader. In multi-cultural, soccer-mad and bar-heavy Toronto, everyone should be able to find a slice of home.

No idea what this means to the security machine, or to the quality of the meetings, which could suffer if David Cameron refuses to budge from the Queen and Beaver while Nicolas Sarkozy sets up shop at Le Saint Tropez and Silvio Berlusconi saunters down College Street chatting up the ladies.

Ian Harrison, with an assist from the Red Flash.

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