Continental crossover?

Hadi Zogheib

With the World Cup drawing ever closer, fans, armchair managers and bettors around the world are busy deciding who they believe will walk away from South Africa with the trophy. The usual names pop up in most conversations – England, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, etc…

Will Messi and his South American mates have a leg up?

So, who should you put your money on? Well, that depends on your level of superstition. If you are logical, you’ll probably pick from the favourites, basing your winner on who has the best squad, manager, group strength, or other factors.

But if you’re the superstitious type, you may want to consider something else when trying to win that office pool. A look at the World Cup winners since 1962 will definitely narrow down your choices:

1962 – Brazil
1966 – England
1970 – Brazil
1974 – Germany
1978 – Argentina
1982 – Italy
1986 – Argentina
1990 – Germany
1994 – Brazil
1998 – France
2002 – Brazil
2006 – Italy

Spot the pattern? The trophy has alternated between Europe and South American countries for 12 consecutive tournaments. That’s almost 50 years! Add that to the fact a European country has never won a World Cup held outside Europe, and it bodes well for the likes of Argentina and Brazil. As for Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay? Well, that depends on how superstitious you are.

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