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Barca Love

So this photo comes out in the Spanish press of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique imitating Gary Neville and Paul Scholes. Ibrahimovic doesn’t like the implications made about his sexuality and makes a suggestion about the reporter’s sister.  I’ve linked to the actual El Mundo article in Spanish because it reads so much sexier. Unless you put it through Babelfish… then it comes out as broken directions to an orphanage. Either way Ibrahimovic is still an over-paid, over-rated jackass…

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Liverpool posts pre-tax loss

You don’t know what you’re doing…

So despite being the most decorated English team of all time, despite having one of the most loyal fan bases in the world, despite being a global brand… Liverpool FC still posted a pre-tax loss.  I’m not one to point fingers… but I blame the owners.

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More Happy Hours for Hogtown

Spot the drunken Canadian….

A Toronto City Councillor wants to let the bars start serving an hour earlier, to coincide with the schedule in South Africa. Note the article came from Winnipeg and not a Toronto paper… shhhhhh! We might find out!!!! Thanks to Farzad the Mad Persian for the tip.

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